0% alcohol, 100% fun
vassa zero drink g nealkoholicky gin
499 Kč
vassa zero drink r nealkoholicky rum
499 Kč
vassa zero drink v nealkoholicka vodka
499 Kč

Nonalcoholic distilled drink VASSA

We created VASSA non-alcoholic spirits because we believe that alcohol is not what makes fun. It's the people that make it! We didn't compromise. We wanted a drink that tasted as close to real alcohol as possible. That's why we tried to make VASSA as much as possible the same taste, the same feeling while drinking, but no alcohol. That's why all VASSA variants contain less than 0.5% alcohol as a remnant of the distillation process, and natural flavours to bring out the familiar taste. 

We hope you will appreciate our efforts and try VASSA ZERO G, VASSA ZERO R or VASSA ZERO V.